The NLSC Healthcare Gift is a unique and practical idea that lets you buy healthcare travel gifts for yourself, your loved ones on a trip to VietNam, or your family members in Vietnam.

Our healthcare gifts come with a pre-purchased value, and funds are deducted from the gift card as you use it.

It is the perfect gift for your health care needs, such as Shots (Vaccines); Doctor Visits; Dental, Vision Checkups, Hospital Visits, Prescriptions, and Medical Supplies ...

It's a great idea to have family or friends jointly contribute to the value of a Travel Gift.

NLSC-SUMA Visa Prepaid card is a smart and cost-effective alternative to carrying cash and paying check-cashing fees. Because it is a pre-funded card, you only spend what money you load on it and you can typically get it without a credit check or bank account.

You load with money to use everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. You can pay bills, shop online and off, get direct deposit, and more. No credit check or prior bank account is typically needed – simply sign up, add money, and start using it. Go open a new world with NLSC-SUMA Visa Prepaid.

NLSC-SUMA Card is more than a regular Visa. It is the ONLY system that allows money to transfer between member(s) of NLSC-SUMA within 30 minutes and costs $0.50 each transaction.

Members who buy discount card from NLSC can receive discount on healthcare services, shopping, financing services, auto sale, repair, rent, beauty services, food & dining, supermarket, and more.

Please go to our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page for more information about our services. ...